Disclaimer: This is Totally Untrue. Female Extraterrestrial

Rael once mentioned, involving the book "Maitreya," about association between Japanese population and a female extraterrestrial (Eloah). Rael mentioned that Jewish people and Japanese people are similarly a little bit distinctive races close to Elohim, because they descend from Elohim. He said Japanese people descend from a female extraterrestrial (Eloha) as a Japanese old narrative implies. It is interpreted that Goddess Amaterasu in Kojiki could be a female extraterrestrial. As mentioned before, Kojiki would be fabricated referring to the Bible, particularly the Septuagint. Amaterasu would be identified as Sarah or Abraham, while clear association between the Japanese people and a female extraterrestrial couldn't be seen in Kojiki.
In addition, despite Rael's implication involving a female extraterrestrial, distinctive trace in Japanese DNA couldn't be seen. If mtDNA of the female extraterrestrial is similar to humans' mtDNA, its mtDNA haplogroup would be inherited among Japanese mtDNA. However, as mentioned before, Japanese mtDNA consists of various haplogroups similar to the neighboring populations such as Chinese and Korean. In short, any distinctive mtDNA haplogroup supposedly associated with the female extraterrestrial (a specific origin) is not seen among Japanese mtDNA. On the other hand, if the mtDNA haplogroup of the female extraterrestrial is originally similar to those of Chinese and Korean (and Japanese), it is natural that any distinctive mtDNA haplogroup is not seen among Japanese mtDNA. Anyway, Japanese people would not exclusively consist of the specific mtDNA haplogroup of the female extraterrestrial, even if the female extraterrestrial could be associated with the Japanese population.
On the other hand, it should be noted that Gabriel is somehow traditionally often depicted as a female.
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