Disclaimer: This is Totally Untrue. Fall of Crown Prince Naruhito and Chisso's Agent Crown Princess Masako

As mentioned before, Japanese Imperial House could have legitimately descended from David, the prophesied rulers of the unified kingdom of Ezekiel. However, abominable circumstances lie among the Japanese Imperial House as of 2012 CE like David and so forth. Masako, the Crown Princess as of 2012 CE is an agent of Chisso and its confederates to avoid their responsibility for Minamata Disease.
The Emperor of Japan as of 1945 CE, the atomic bomb was dropped, was Emperor Hirohito.
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According to Rael, 1945 CE was the 666th generation of humankind on the earth.
The 1st son of Hirohito is Akihito, the Emperor of Japan as of 2012 CE. The 1st son of Akihito is Naruhito (born 1960 CE), the Crown Prince of Japan as of 2012 CE. The 2nd son of Akihito is Fumihito, Prince Akishino (born 1965 CE). The youngest child of Akihito (the 1st daughter) is Sayako (born 1969 CE).
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On the other hand, Chisso Corporation is a Japanese chemical company, originated from carbide products, founded in 1908 CE. Chisso started to produce acetaldehyde employing a mercury catalyst at Minamata plant, Kumamoto prefecture, in the western area of Japan, in 1932 CE. The Minamata plant continued to dispose the wastewater into Minamata Bay. The wastewater included poisonous substances mostly mercury. Mercury was accumulated in fish and shellfish in Minamata Bay. People around Minamata Bay continued to eat fish and shellfish from Minamata Bay without knowing mercury accumulations. Mercury was accumulated among people around Minamata Bay. A strange disease was first reported in 1956 CE. Kumamoto University investigated the cause. Mercury started to be suspected, while Chisso totally opposed and denied it.
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On the other hand, Egashira Yutaka (江頭 豊; 1908-2006 CE) was a bank staff menber of Industrial Bank of Japan.
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Egashira Yutaka's daughter Egashira Yumiko married a diplomatic official of Japan, Owada Hisashi.
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Owada Masako, later Crown Ptincess Masako, was born in 1963 CE. Egashira Yutaka was the president of Chisso during 1964-1971 CE based on his carrier of Industrial Bank of Japan, the chairman of the board during 1971-1973 CE.

Minamata Disease is a neurological syndrome caused by mercury poisoning, results in ataxia, numbness, in serious cases, insanity, crippled paralysis, coma, and death. Fetal defects that appeared among babies were extremely serious.
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Kumamoto University and the government concluded in 1968 CE that Minamata Disease is a disease of the central nervous system caused by mercury through poisoned fish and shellfish in Minamata Bay.
The sufferers started to ask compensation to Chisso. However, Chisso and Egashira Yutaka refused proper compensation threatening allied with Japanese gangsters (Yakuza).
W. Eugene Smith, an American photo-journalist, took photos of Minamata, intended to publish, and was raided by Chisso's raiders near Tokyo in 1972 CE. Eugene Smith's one eye's sight was deteriorated by the raid. Still he published photos including the most famous works, "Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath" (1972 CE) depicting a severely deformed girl, which improved recognition of the disease.
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Civil trials involving Chisso started in 1969 CE.
Criminal trials involving Chisso started in 1976 CE (concluded in 1988 CE).
Chisso, Egashira Yutaka, and Owada Hisashi plotted to settle down and reduce the resposibility approaching the Imperial House. Owada Hisashi, a diplomatic official, arranged encounter of Crown Prince Naruhito and his daughter Masako. Masako got into Harvard College through personal connections of her father. Subsequently, Masako got into Tokyo University through personal connections. Then got into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan through personal connections.
Naruhito registered with Oxford University at that time privately toured in Europe and visited Colmar, northeastern France, in 1984 CE. Masako suddenly appeared Colmar and accompanied Naruhito.
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Subsequently, Masako suddenly appeared the reception of Spanish Queen Infanta Elena in Tokyo in 1986 and approached Naruhito.
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Rumors of Masako as the primary candidate of the wife of the next plain Prince were spread. Hirohito opposed the engagement knowing the involvement of Egashira. However, Hirohito passed away in 1989 CE. Akihito didn't realize the significance. Then Naruhito married Masako in 1993 CE. Chisso and Owada succeeded in reducing criticism of Chisso. Meanwhile, some noticed the context. Criticism of Masako arose instead. Masako became refrain from the public eye staying indoors of the palace or Imperial villas feigning mental illness. Statements of alleged Masako's doctors team are annually released without names of the alleged team's doctors, while no one knows the names of the alleged team's doctors for over 10 years.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Minamata City in October 2013 CE. Then Masako and Naruhito got an excuse to decline to visit Minamata.
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